Georgetown County Youth Collaboratives

The Youth Collaboratives of Georgetown County includes groups of practitioners and retirees who volunteer their time to work together to improve the lives of children and youth in the Georgetown community.  They use one of the most powerful tools for change – collaboration.
Common Issues / Common Threads

Current and prospective members of Common Issues / Common Threads may use the link on this page to log in to the CICT Groupsite. Quarterly CICT meetings are sponsored by the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation in order to promote networking and collaboration among the County's community support organizations.

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Georgetown County Nonprofit Organizations

On the Nonprofit Directory page you may research nonprofit and community organizations that have received support from the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation. The Directory offers a listing of the many organizations at work in the County. Each meets a specific need. Please consider giving your time, talent and treasure to one or more of these worthy causes.

Grantmaking Reports

From its inception in 2000 and its first grants in 2003, the Bunnelle Foundation has invested over $25 million in improving the quality of life for all Georgetown County residents to achieve the vision of a community with abundant opportunity for healthy, safe and sustainable living.

2017 Grantmaking

Funding Awarded in 2017: $1,653,955
Number of Organizations funded: 81

In 2017, the Bunnelle Foundation awarded over $1.6 million in grants to 81 different organizations that support Georgetown County in the areas that meet the Bunnelle mission. The Foundation was proud to support the first Palmetto Giving Day with matching funds and administrative support. Over $676,000 was raised in one day through online giving to support 33 different organizations that work in Georgetown County. The Foundation established Sustaining Grants that support 24 different nonprofit organizations with three-year non-competitive grants for general operating support. As we move forward with our Education to Career initiative, we will be focusing more of the Foundation’s efforts and resources into those projects that fall in the intersection between positive youth development and promoting economic vitality as we work to form partnerships that will help create opportunity in Georgetown County. Also in 2017, the Foundation purchased a large building in the Pawleys Business Center and relocated its offices there. There is now expanded meeting space available to nonprofits serving Georgetown County.

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2016 Grantmaking
  • Funding Awarded in 2016:  $1,704,174
  • Number of Organizations funded: 73

In 2016, the Bunnelle Foundation awarded over 1.7 million dollars in grants to 73 organizations serving Georgetown County residents.  The 2016 Lowcountry Giving Day provided over $150,000 in matching funds to participating organizations as they continue to excel in soliciting online donations. Changes were made to the Common Good grant program that would align our giving more closely with the overall strategy of making an impact at the intersection of positive youth development and promoting economic vitality.

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2015 Grantmaking
  • Funding Awarded in 2015:  $1,895,776
  • Number of Organizations funded: 79

In 2015, the Bunnelle Foundation awarded over 1.8 million dollars in grants.  Bunnelle provided an incentive match to Georgetown County nonprofits participating in the 2015 Lowcountry Giving Day. Through this matching opportunity, over $140,000 was awarded to organizations in an effort to build their online presence in a fundraising capacity. The Mini Grants program was further expanded in 2015, offering greater funding to a larger number of organizations.

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