Grantee Spotlight


The J.O.Y. School


The J.O.Y. School’s mission is to provide stimulating learning opportunities to intellectually disabled students in Georgetown County. The J.O.Y. School meets the many demands of the mentally, and, in some cases, also physically disabled children requiring round-the-clock care when not in school. Through its summer activities, The J.O.Y. School helps to prevent academic regression in children already struggling to learn.

Services Provided:

Classes in Music, Arts, P.E. , Academics, Drama, Swimming, Field trips, Bowling, and Fellowship.


Martha Insignares – Program Director

Recent Success Story:

This summer we were able to go swimming 5 weeks in a row without any cancellation due to the weather! Swimming is such an excellent therapeutic activity for our students and most especially for those with physical disabilities. Students were able to leave their wheelchairs and get moving and even walking in the water. It was our most successful swimming summer ever!