Grantee Spotlight


Smith Medical Clinic, Inc.


The mission of the Smith Medical Clinic is to provide medical care for low-income, uninsured residents of Georgetown County.

Services Provided:

Complete medical care, including general, preventative care, medication, and specialty care including women’s health, pulmonology, neurology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, vision care, nutrition counseling, diabetes management, mental health counseling, and cardiology.


Nancy LaPrade, Board Chair
Anne Faul, Executive Director
Dina Wells, Operations Director

Recent Success Story:

Recently, a patient came in for refills on her blood pressure medication at our pharmacy. While she was waiting, she said that after she was hospitalized eight months ago, she had adopted a new saying “Me, first” because she realized she had been so busy taking care of everyone else that she had let her own health needs go unfilled. She said she started doing the things that her Smith Clinic provider and diabetes educators had been suggesting – she started walking every day, she started taking her medicine as directed by her doctor, and she started eating better, reducing sugar and processed foods (She still misses sweet tea!) Today, her blood sugar levels are in the normal range, her blood pressure is under control and she has lost 60 pounds. “I realized I have to take care of me because I have a lot of people that depend on me,” she says. “Sometimes I have to tell people I can’t do something because it’s time for my walk. But now they see the change in me and they understand what I’m doing.”