Funded Proposals

The Salvation Army

Addressing the root causes of poverty

Afterschool Tutoring ($15,000)

The Afterschool Reading and Math Tutoring Program aims to increase the achievement levels of middle school students. During the school year, ninety-nine small-group or one-on-one sessions are provided to some thirty students. Average increases in the areas of phonics, comprehension, writing and math range from 1.5 - 2.3 grade levels. This progress has been consistent throughout the twelve years of the Afterschool Reading and Math Tutoring Program. Along with academic growth, middle school teachers report improved attitudes, behavior, self-concepts, and grades of participants.

The Village Group

Encouraging positive youth development

Soar Summer Program ($13,000)

The Summer Opportunities with Academic Results (SOAR) program is a 7-week program in July and August for youth in grades 1-8. Participants receive breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Activities include academic activities in math and reading, one-on-one mentoring, sessions focused on personal development activities, such as public speaking, personal hygiene, workplace skills and appropriate behavior in public. Also, every day includes physical activity in the school gym or outside and enrichment activities, ranging from swimming lessons and basketball to visits to the beach and a nearby wildlife center.

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church

Meeting basic human needs

Backpack Buddies ($5,000)

Many students in our county receive their primary nutrition from the school cafeteria. On weekends these children often go hungry. The Backpack Buddies program provides nutritional snacks for the weekend to students in grades K - 6. Children suffering from hunger exhibit health, behavior, and academic consequences. Providing children in need with nutritional food items for the weekend helps to sustain them until returning to school for a meal.

Friendship Place

Promoting economic vitality

Job Training ($20,000)

Friendship Place’s Job Training program has been helping people complete their education to become Certified Nursing Assistants for years, but Friendship Place found a problem with their approach. Folks were lacking the soft skills and support systems necessary to keep their CNA jobs. The new approach offers a program that not only educates and supports, it offers one-on-one help when on-the-job issues occur or barriers to success pop up. This will enable individuals and families to move out of the poverty cycle.

The Nature Conservancy

Preserving the environment

Carver’s Bay Preserve ($20,000)

The Carver’s Bay Preserve represents a large portion of a unique four-mile long bay, one of the largest Carolina bays in the state. The mysterious bays were once abundant in coastal South Carolina, but over 97 percent have been lost to coastal development or converted for farming and timber. Carolina bays are wetland elliptical depressions with a particular abundance along the northern coast of SC. TNC and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service worked for over a year to negotiate with the landowners and generate funding to complete the purchase. The Preserve area is comprised of 2,100 acres of the 4,000-acre Carver’s Bay and will be incorporated into the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge.