Lowcountry Giving Day 2016 Results

On May 3 and May 4, many Georgetown County nonprofits participated in Lowcountry Giving Day 2016.  The event was a 24-hour crowdfunding event designed to encourage the use of online technology for nonprofits to stimulate donor engagement and increase donor reach. This year, nearly 20,000 individual donations were made in the Lowcountry, totaling almost $4.2 million! This year marked the […]

Lowcountry Giving Day is on May 3rd, 2016!

Visit www.lowcountrygivingday.org for more information. On May 3, 2016, our community will unite for Lowcountry Giving Day, 24 hours of unprecedented nonprofit giving. This is your chance to make a real impact! Giving is easy (and fun), you can even pledge today!Give online at www.lowcountrygivingday.org or via text by visiting text.gives and using the keyword of your favorite nonprofits to […]

Think Again

Everyone Wants to Save the World. They see step one as filing for 501 (c) 3 nonprofit status.  There are so many reasons why this is a bad idea.  Let me suggest a different approach.  Chances are that you are acting on a good idea that you hatched in your own brain.  Three cheers for you for thinking about how […]

Bunnelle Incentive for Lowcountry Giving Day 2016

We are pleased to announce that the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation will be a contributor of incentive funds for Lowcountry Giving Day. To apply for a potential match opportunity through the Bunnelle Foundation, please click on this link to login and complete the Lowcountry Giving Day application. Applications are due by 11:59 PM on Thursday, January 28.

The 2016 Spring Cycle of Grants for the Common Good

The spring cycle of Grants for the Common Good approaches! This cycle will address two focus areas: addressing the root causes of poverty and encouraging positive youth development. The first step in the process, the Letter of Intent, will be accepted from November 30 – January 7. Please see the Grants for the Common Good page for more information. Should […]

On Wednesday, November 4th, we are very proud to have Leading To Change present “Beyond Race: Culture, Diversity, & Tools to Help Refocus Today’s Social Justice Lens” here at The Bunnelle Center. Leading To Change is “a nationally awarded training agency designed to transform the professional development arena” based out of North Carolina. The Beyond Race session promises to address […]

Influence in Georgetown County Survey

In an effort to guide our future work, the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation staff needs your assistance identifying key players in your community. Your participation in our brief survey will aid us in developing future projects. We respectfully ask that you respond by Wednesday, July 22. Please find the survey at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/InfluenceGeorgetown We greatly appreciate all that […]

The 2015 Fall Cycle of Grants for the Common Good

The fall cycle of Grants for the Common Good is here! This cycle will address three focus areas: meeting basic human needs, promoting economic vitality and preserving the environment. The first step in the process, the Letter of Intent, will be accepted from June 8 – July 9. Please see the Grants for the Common Good page for more information. […]

Local Nonprofits Raise $275,902 on Lowcountry Giving Day!

Tuesday, May 5 was Lowcountry Giving Day and for the first time, Georgetown County was included in this opportunity for nationwide online giving.  The Bunnelle Foundation saw this as an opportunity to challenge some of the nonprofits serving our area to enhance their online presence and expand their donor bases.  We invited 15 organizations to raise $10,000 online, which the […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

In February, the Bunnelle Foundation presented the first quarterly Common Issues/Common Threads Get-Together of 2015. These lunch events are an important opportunity for Georgetown County nonprofit representatives to interact and engage with each other in a setting that encourages collaboration and working with people who may not meet in their day-to-day jobs. Since the Bunnelle Foundation’s focus areas cover a […]